Welcome to the Sean K. Novels site, a place for writing by a PNWSean K. Novels author. After publishing my first novel, I still can’t wait to write more. I hope to use this site to grow as a writer and provide a place for others to as well. Check out my WELCOME post to get an idea of who I am and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. Or check out the ABOUT page to learn a little more about me and the NOVELS page to see what I’ve published and what’s still to come!


Welcome to Sean K. Novels, a New Journey 

 To Episode One…and Beyond! 


Be sure to check out my debut novel The Drive Home: A Tale of Bromance and Horror. Available in print via Amazon or digitally on all major platforms!

TDH-FB-COVER“The Drive Home is a dark and occasionally humorous tale fraught with love and lust, violence and heartbreak, foul language and family, following two best friends and an unfortunate series of events that will shake them to their very foundation.” ~Sean Kelly, Author

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“For a Ghost-Free Time, Call is an expansive supernatural Cover - For A Ghost-Free Time Ep1jpgadventure set in the emerald city of Eugene, Oregon which follows a young man, who–since he was a boy–has had the irritating ability to see ghosts all around him. In spite of this so-called “gift,” he found a way to cope and a few less than legitimate ways to make a little money on the side. But a con that started out as a way to make a quick buck will soon become a terrifying reality check about the world he thought he understood…”

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ghost-free-time-ep-2-cover-01-25“For a Ghost-Free Time, Call: Episode Two picks up the week following the mysterious events of Episode One, Jared’s life has all but returned to normal, as normal as it can possibly be when you see ghosts everywhere you go. Although he’s content to slip back into his old life, Jared is continually haunted by the strange reality he was recently confronted with and his persistent curiosity about a world he was finally starting to understand will compel him to test paranormal boundaries that some would say are better left alone.”

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“Episode Three picks up the morning following the harrowing events of the previous installment. Jared has been shaken by loss and doesn’t want anything to do with the ghastly forces that put him into his miserable state of self-doubt. However, a cry for help quickly breathes new life into his resolve and sets him on a path to finally do some good, real good, the kind he’d been pretending to offer gullible souls for so many years. Driven to figure out what’s causing the increase in supernatural disturbances, Jared strikes out on his own before realizing that he may need to repair a friendship that had started on the wrong foot and bring those who understand his abilities together so that he can try to be more than just a seedy, paranormal con man.”

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