A Not So “Ghost-Free” Episode Two

It’s been a long journey already. Writing, that is. I was, and still am, very much excited about keeping up with an episodic series. My last post dove into a few of the reasons why I love the prospect of doing a series, but this one is to announce the release of Episode Two from my inaugural series For a Ghost-Free Time, Call.

ghost-free-time-ep-2-cover-01-25“For a Ghost-Free Time, Call: Episode Two picks up the week following the mysterious events of Episode One, Jared’s life has all but returned to normal, as normal as it can possibly be when you see ghosts everywhere you go. Although he’s content to slip back into his old life, Jared is continually haunted by the strange reality he was recently confronted with and his persistent curiosity about a world he was finally starting to understand will compel him to test paranormal boundaries that some would say are better left alone.”

Download now for only $.99: Kindle / Nook / iBooks

Doing a series is more than exciting and it’s definitely motivating. I’m ready to push myself to continue with this series on a reasonable timeline. Then, I’ll be ready to start another one! And, hopefully, another and another after that. I hope you enjoy Episode Two and now I’m going to go work on Episode Three!

If you haven’t given Episode One a read yet, you can download it absolutely FREE on your favorite devices!  Download for FREE: Kindle / iBooks / Nook


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